Our Mission

To provide hope, healing and a voice for justice for abused and neglected children in our community.

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Become an Advocate!

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CASA Advocate

In a time of turmoil CASA advocates provide consistency and stability. A CASA Advocate is more than a volunteer – they complete 30 hours of training and become a sworn officer of the court.

Forensic Interview

The forensic interview is the heart of our work. The goal is to make the child as comfortable as possible while gathering information in a neutral, objective way.

Medical Exams

A medical exam room is a child friendly, non-threatening place for child victims of sexual assault to be examined.

Seeds of Hope

Join the Seeds of Hope Society by making a monthly donation of$10, $20 or $30 for one year. It takes just one person to make a difference. It takes someone like you.

He sees me crying. He sees me in pain and he just keeps doing it. And when he was gone (they took him away) he says 'just don't tell anyone and we'll be back together." And that's why I didn't tell. He told me he loved me. Marie, 11 years old.